Capo dei Capi

In this fast paced, push-your-luck, dice game, players take on the role of mafia bosses during prohibition era in NYC. On a turn, a player rolls the dice in order to place bribe and influence tokens to gain control of such things as the police and the mayor's office. If you keep rolling, you can increase your power and influence, but each roll carries with it more risk. Do you have what it takes to be "boss of the bosses"?
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2 Players
Ages 10 and up

20 minutes                                                                                          >>Download Rulebook

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Capo dei Capi Apprentices Expansion Pack
Expand the reach of your influence and power in NYC by using apprentices to do some of your dirty work.  This 5-card promotional pack includes the Bodyguard, the Cheat, the Lawyer, the Gambler, and the Politician. Each of these provides a unique power.  At the start of each turn, a player chooses one of the apprentices to use for the turn.  Only after all 5 have been used are they available again.

Available to members of Dr. Finn's Kickstarter Club.