Cosmic Run

Race to save humanity is this fast and fun cosmic space adventure with both competitive or cooperative rules. Players roll dice and assign them to planet tracks (to make move their space ships), to alien cards (to recruit helpful aliens), or to their technology cards (to provide special powers).  While players race to the planets, meteor strikes are constantly hitting their new homes. Can you reach the planets in time?
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2-4 Players
Ages 10 and up
30-45 minutes
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Capo dei Capi Apprentices Expansion Pack

Enlist the help of envoys as you race through space to find a new home.  This 6-card promotional pack includes the Changeling, the Commander, the Teleporter, the Engineeer, the Traveler, and the Miner.  Each provides a unique power to the possessor of the card. Unlike the aliens, envoys stay with a player until another player steals them away.

Available to members of Dr. Finn's Kickstarter Club.